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MAP 200
MAP 300

Our custom welded floors can be
modified to meet your specific
wheelbase length and width

Tubular steel chassis construction
incorporating suspension and
power train mountings.
Lightweight aluminium body

Tubular steel chassis construction
incorporating suspension and
power train mountings.
Lightweight aluminium body
54" X 62"
ENGINE choices:
Mazda Wankel 12A-1146cc/
13B-1308cc intercooled engine
with 40idf Weber carb kit
producing around 150 HP.
Engine bay will accept Subaru or
VW motors of your choice
FRONT OR OPTIONAL             
200 to 350 plus HP 2.0L turbo or
2.5L Subaru engine
Modified VW type 2 bus (3-rib)
transaxle with Kennedy adapter
plate and clutch/flywheel package
Modified Subaru 5 or 6 speed
Modified VW Ball Joint type front
beam to accept Fox adjustable
coil-overs with VW disk brakes
and high ratio rack and pinion
steering box
Custom multi-link IFS, adjustable
coil-overs, high ratio rack and
pinion steering and WRX disk
IRS based modified custom
torsion assembly to accept Fox
adjustable coil-overs, custom
trailing arms and VW disk brakes
Custom multi-link IRS with single
or double adjustable coil-over
struts, hydraulic handbrake and
WRX disk brakes
Empi 15” alloy rims, adjustable
Corbeau seats, 5 point
harnesses, CNC pedals, quick
release leather steering wheel,
Hella lights, custom finished
aluminum interior, push button
engine start and marine grade
switches, IntelliDash multi-gauge
digital dashboard, electric wiper
blades and cup holder
Cup holder
Titled as 2010 MI assembled
roadster. Please call for price and
other technical details
Projects summary:

The MAP 100 project was a dune buggy based on the iconic Manx type shell. For MAP
Motors a fiberglass body bolted to a VW floor raised safety questions. It could be reinforced
and wrapped in a metal cage but with all that weight, we decided to put that effort towards
creating a totally new vehicle sitting on a custom floor while still incorporating the proven
and reliable VW drivetrain and suspension components.


The idea behind the
MAP 200 prototype was to make an open cockpit fun to drive sport
recreational vehicle that would be simple-to-build and require minimal skills to create its
aluminum body panels. Since the first project was 100% VW type based, we didn’t want to
completely abandon the VW suspension and brake components. Although they are widely
available, reliable, relatively simple to set-up and proven for many years, they are not too
modern for today’s tastes and standards. To compromise, we modified the VW’s steering
and suspension weak points, made them stronger, installed coil-over struts and disk brakes
on each corner.


Our next
MAP 300 series project will be a further departure from VW parts and will
concentrate strictly on Subaru components. A front engine with 4WD setup or optional mid-
engine and rear drive configuration will be controlled by a modified 2-wheel drive 5 or 6
speed Subaru transmission. The chassis design will firmly focus on excellent handling
characteristics with multilink suspension and coil-over struts at each corner. The goal is to
incorporate some of the factory existing components to keep this project economical and
easy to service. As in the MAP 200, the frame and wheelbase will be kept to minimum while
providing enough room inside however, the cockpit will be wrapped in a full cage meeting
current FIA rally governing specifications. With our on-going Rally America rally efforts we
believe that our knowledge and enthusiasm will produce another very exciting and fun to
drive MAP kit car. Currently, we don’t have a time frame to finish our next kit car since our
projects are self-funded but we hope this will change with our current marketing efforts.
MAP is proud to present the MAP 200
Sport Recreational Vehicle
MAP Motors has created a new SRV/crossover vehicle: the MAP 200, which originated
from a simple enthusiastic effort to build a fun to drive vehicle that can be driven
on any kind of road, with the look of a sports car. We are dedicated to market and
support our products
 to enthusiasts sharing our passion of building and driving
unique cars.
MAP Motors is open to individuals interested in vehicle purchases, all the way to
a full business involvement.
MAP Motors is seeking to further expand our product line. Our MAP 200
prototype vehicle can either be purchased outright or used to secure a business
partnership investment. This unique opportunity is a perfect way to get involved
in the development and marketing aspects of building new vehicles. If interested
or for more information, please contact
Andy at (732) 545-7104.